Center Health RPM

Remote patient monitoring

Boost practice revenue, improve patient outcomes

Drive 2-7x monthly ROI with Remote Patient Monitoring from Center Health

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  • 1. Setup

    Patients sync their glucose monitors with the Center Health app.

  • 2. Outcomes

    Patients using the AI-enabled Center Health app typically achieve a 1-2% A1C reduction within 4 months.

  • 3. ROI

    As patients engage, providers can bill insurance for remote patient monitoring CPT codes like 99453, 99454, 99457, 99458, and 99091 (usually totaling $47 to $150+ per patient per month). 

  • ROI for providers, free to try

    Center only charges healthcare providers for our service when they're able to bill patient insurance for RPM CPT codes, ensuring our providers always generate 2-7x ROI.

  • Automatic Data Sharing

    Patient data is automatically synced to providers' Center Teams account, so you don't need to ever request or upload patient data.

  • 24/7 AI health coaching. Better clinical outcomes, no extra work.

    97% of Aria recommendations are rated as helpful by patients, and 72% of patients with an A1C ≥9.0% typically achieve a 3.2% A1C reduction with Aria AI coaching. Aria answers patients 24/7.

  • Customer Support

    Our friendly US-based Patient Support Associates can be reached by patients any time. 

See all of your patients on one screen

No more hoping patients bring in their devices, downloading readings, and trying to make sense of them in a few seconds. Center RPM syncs and analyzes patient data automatically. 

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Meet Aria, the AI cardiometabolic coach

Aria enables your clinic to drive patient outcomes without extra labor. Patients can interact with Aria 24/7.

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  • "Seeing how different foods affected my levels helped me lower my A1C from 11.3 to 6.8 in just 4 months using this system! Thank you so much Center Health!"

    - Antonia, type 1 diabetic

  • "Just wanted to say how happy I am with this meter and the service! It has made my life so much easier! Love the app! That is a game changer! I recommend Center to any diabetic!"

    - Stacy, type 2 diabetic

  • "Center is one of the best companies I have ever dealt with. Their system is the best I have ever used and certainly simplified my diabetes!"

    - Paul, type 2 diabetic

Simple Pricing

$23 per active patient per month.

2-7x ROI: Only pay when patient insurance is eligible to be billed. For every $23 you spend on Center, RPM CPT codes will reimburse $47-$150+.

Account setup takes less than 5 minutes and practices can begin onboarding patients immediately.

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